2019 is Off to a Roaring Start!

2019 is Off to a Roaring Start!

The members of BBYC have pulled off some great events to kick off 2019.  Some of these have been traditional and one was very much “of the moment.”  The New Year started off with over 100 visitors arriving at BBYC Alameda style, meaning by boat, bicycle and car.  Around the Island was followed by the Super Bowl Chili Cook-off (congratulations to Bill Roberts for his amazing chili), another wonderful Crab Feed, a membership dinner with the first speaker of our Speaker Series, a Valentine’s Day dinner and our Mardi Gras celebration. Volunteers started early and worked late to make these events happen.

The “of the moment” event was our hosting of lunch for over 250 Coast Guard members, contractors and their families.  While this event may be covered elsewhere in the Whale’s Tale, I want to make an important point:  Volunteer participation is both necessary and valuable – please use either as motivation.  All of these events were driven as much by some of our very newest members as by our more established members.

The Coast Guard lunch, in fact, started as a brainstorm by a couple of members.  They came up with a detailed plan and within less than 24 hours they had secured the approval and support of the Board.  BBYC members swung into action, joined by incredible financial support from Club Nautique, food donated from Safe Harbor Marina and Grocery Outlet, and delicious prepared food made and delivered by Pier 29.  This is in addition to very generous donations of funds or hours to produce a completely successful event from scratch in 4 1/2 days.  We are so proud to come together as a community for our Coasties.

The mission of the Board and Committee Chairs and Coordinators is to encourage initiative while managing change.  

Members drive the Club.  The line we walk on the Board is to make sure that ideas and activities are evaluated in terms of the Club’s short-term and long-term sustainability.  More tricky: one person’s inspiration may be another person’s irritation, we will do our best to bring a balance and enable new ideas to happen.  

If it sometimes appears that the Board is slow to react to initiatives, when you next walk in please look around the newly painted/cleaned club, listen to the music coming from our new sound system, login to our upgraded WiFi and purchase a snack through our new Square IT platform all the while reflecting on our recent dinners, parties, speakers and highly successful Coast Guard event – and this is only a small part of what has been accomplished in the last two months.

We need volunteers to make it all happen.  I encourage all members, old and new, to step up and volunteer. 

Cindy W


Our amazing Commodore and fearless leader. Ward's Better half.
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