Friday Night Race Grillers

Friday Night Race Grillers

Welcome Racers! Sailors who want to rally the course for
experience on their own or another’s boat behind the serious
racers can contact Ward at (510) 409-8894.

After the race, please sign in at the BBYC front door kiosk. Our club requires name tags so please wear a yacht club badge, a membership card in a lanyard or a printed name tag from the kiosk. It also helps the hardworking bartenders!

If you would like to eat dinner, please purchase a $10.00 dinner ticket at the bar, and hold on to your ticket receipt till you pick up your food from the grill. We do have veggie burgers upon request to the Grillmaster and all the buns, fixin’s, chips and dessert can be found on the buffet table under the displays as you enter the club. 

Please let the Grillmaster know if you would either like a burger or 2 hot dogs/sausages and understand it may take up to 10 minutes to cook your

There will be a jar outside to collect your ticket receipt when you pick up your grilled item. Additional burgers or set of 2 more hot dogs/sausages will be an additional $5.00. 

In order to help keep club events running smoothly, we ask you please dispose of paper plates when done, and bring your glasses to the bar.

Thank you, and your BBYC Crew hopes you enjoy the 2019 race season!

Lauren Freed

Lauren F

BBYC's Social Events coordinator
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