Happy News! Announcing DIY3DW aka GRILLERS Rally Fleet!

Happy News! Announcing DIY3DW aka GRILLERS Rally Fleet!

Ever noticed that if you go sailing Friday after work, you wake up Saturday feeling like you already had the first day of a weekend? Which means, you still have the second and third days left? That’s a Do It Yourself 3-Day Weekend!

As tout le BBYC knows, we have an 11-event Friday Night Race series called the Grillers, which begins March 29. But what if racing is too much fun to have, that early in your 3-Day Weekend? Join the Rally Fleet! We’ll hit the starting line near the Ballena Isle Marina flagpole about 6:15-ish, after the racers have cleared out, sail up to one of the NAS marks, and coast back home. No forms to fill out, no entry fee, no glory (It’s not a timed event, although if you’re faster than someone else, you’re probably racing, and they’re probably denying it). There may be occasional prizes for cutest pet aboard, funniest blunder that everyone sees, quickest one-handed bowline, or whatever hare-brained idea intrudes itself.

After sailing, repair to the Clubhouse. While listening to the racers lie to each other, savor a $10 dinner. BBYC will provide the fixin’s, and the grilling or serving of soup, etc. will be the best service in town – your own!

(Parenthetically (hee hee), if you have a PHRF rating and want to race, visit www.jibeset.net and sign up. Some of us will alternate Racing and Rallying, depending on who shows up to crew and when they get there. This is a brilliant opportunity to involve boatless friends with any level of experience in your sailing enjoyment.)

For anyone reading this who’d like to go sailing, here’s a great way to crew either casually or racingly. Show up at the Club, or contact Gary Helms, Race Chair race@bbyc.org or me, below.

Since I know someone’s gonna ask, the “DIY3DW” thing comes from spending too much of my life checking in for flights. Obviously time for me to start turning more weekends into 3-Day Weekends – what about you?

Questions? Contact:

Ward Fulcher, Sub-Vice-Second-String Assistant to the Race Chair


Ward Fulcher

Ward Fulcher

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