Heat Alert!

Heat Alert!

Beat the Heat

The BBYC Bar finaly has Air Conditioning (& Heat)!Β 

Please spread the word, especially to members that might not be checking our website frequently – don’t risk your health & safety during these sweltering days… you’re a member, enjoy the benefits by coming down anytime to the club house bar and cooling off. (The sunset room HVAC is almost finished being replaced too)

The new AC system is running and its 70 degrees or cooler right now. So…What are you waiting for?

While you’re there please enjoy the 1000 channel Satellite HDTVs and the 500mbs high speed wifi. Grab an ice cold beer or soft drink (why not please fill the bars ice bins while you’re at it)

And Pretty Please don’t leave dirty glasses or fruit/food out- its attractive to fruit flies. Nick is not the janitor.

Enjoy a cold drink and while you’re behind the bar help cleanup a little bit.
We’ve all got to pitch in!

Nick S


The tech guy and rear commodore and Andy's loving partner.
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