New WiFi System

A Word About our NEW WiFi System…..

Fellow BBYCrs- I have installed our new secure and ultra high-speed WiFi controller. This is now the principle way to access the internet for both our club members and our guests. For club members you MUST reach-out to me to set you up with your own, unique and private access code.

Each Regular Full Club member will get his/her own codes. They are NOT EVER to be shared for ANY reason- guests have a special access of their own which I will detail later…

The reasoning? There are literally dozens of non members using our WiFi and clogging up our network. It’s caused our POS systems to crash, security systems to malfunction and presents a huge security flaw in addition to not being fair. The old password(s) will no longer work- but they will build a database of folks that will be forever banned from the new system.

The new system will be (eventually) be able to provide good coverage of not just our clubhouse and facilities but the entire marina! You should be able to use it on your boat, assume ideal conditions, line of sight to the club etc. This is a work in progress but I’m on it!  

The system secures the internet, makes everyone’s’ connection private AND it prioritizes our systems, cameras, POS, Alarms and club side devices, then our member’s access THEN the public- in that order. It balances our total available bandwidth, filters for security and prevents our data and that of our guests from being compromised.

This is a work in progress- it might be buggy for a few weeks as I continue to work on it and get help in mounting and aligning the outdoor Access Point antennas.  At the very least, it’s all finally secure and literally now 275% faster than before.

Please reachout to me to set you up with your member code(s). It’s a one time process but in the future as people join the club it will be part of the signup process. For the rest of us, it’s a one at a time, as requested thing.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we grow!

Email or to get your code if you don’t see me at the club !~


Nick S


The tech guy and rear commodore and Andy's loving partner.
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