Whale’s Tale Newsletter

Whale’s Tale Newsletter


Thanks to all the members who made possible another great weekend! It is nice to see people enjoying one other.

As the world slowly emerges from the pandemic, more and more people are wanting to gather in responsibly organized groups. Last Saturday our club hosted an engagement party for a wonderful Napalese couple. All of those in attendance were warm and welcoming. The food they brought to share was enjoyed by all. We would like to use the club one or two days a month for rentals that are a good fit for our space and the people eager for a place to gather. The additional income will allow us to reinvest in our club making it more comfortable for its members.

I ask that when any notices going out asking for volunteers to help with the setup, hosting or cleanup, those of you with time in your schedule please let us know. This applies to our weekly events as well as any rentals. In so, doing you can fulfill the volunteer requirement of 5 hours a year in addition to getting to know and work with other members of our club.

We are incredibly lucky to have emerged from the challenges of the last year better than the way we went in. Our club has evolved into an environment more friendly and comfortable than it has ever been in it’s 42 year history.

We have many more events in store and welcome suggestions from all of you to organize engaging fun fill activities for our members, young and old. That being said, anyone wanting to cook an evening meal or the Sunday breakfast, we love the idea of guest chiefs for the day. Just yesterday Craig Anderson volunteered to cook the Sunday breakfast. I’m not sure he knew what he was getting into but it turned out to be a well attended fun filled morning with a lot of support from other volunteer members.

I feel so lucky to have worked along side many of you during the remodel and look forward to more opportunities to share the ever increasing camaraderie with many more of our members.



BBYC Commodore

March 27

On March 27 we had our first BBYC Dog Parade. Everyone needs a safe excuse to get out of the house and have some fun now and then. This was the perfect opportunity for members and their furry friends to have a good time.

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