Yacht Club Elections

Yacht Club Elections
Hello BBYC Members,
BBYC elections are coming up soon. Please consider helping run your club next year by volunteering to take a position. You will help our club to be a more fun place to be. Plus, by volunteering to do a position you will get to know people more.
Here is the order of our election events.
  1. At our membership dinner on Saturday September 14 we announced the members of the nominating committee. You can now contact any member of the nomination committee if you want to fill a position.

Nominating Committee Members are:

David Alexander, Todd L. and Brian Kohn

  1. The October 12 membership meeting the committee will announce their recommendations for the positions.
  2. The election will take place at the membership meeting on November 2nd


Jeff Fuller

BBYC Commodore

Ballena Bay Yacht Club

Ballena Bay Yacht Club

The BBYC Webmaster / Official Club Board .
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